Our Quality

We offer only the highest quality handmade rugs. From contemporary originals with inspiring, up-to-date colors and cutting edge modern rug designs to elegant antique rugs and traditional collectables, each rug we carry is selected for its premium wool and fiber content and artisan-quality craftsmanship. From our collections of vintage and antique patterns in Antique Rugs Recreated™ to Tropical Rugs to our vast selection of contemporary and modern designs in Transitional and Modern Rugs™ we strive to bring you the best value at affordable prices.

When it comes to creating great rugs there are no substitutes for quality material and superior craftsmanship. Every rug in our collections of Transitional and Modern Rugs™ category are made of excellent fast dyes, the highest quality high altitude lanolin rich wool, best silk and other natural fibers found anywhere. Using the best wool and preparing them into yarns by centuries old techniques of hand carding and hand spinning allow us to provide not only great works of floor art but rugs that are easy to care for and maintain during use. The high concentration of natural lanolin in wool yarns of these rugs offers a natural sealant that resists stains and permits easy maintenance and clean up.

13 Tibetan wool          18 hand carding

19 hand spinning          20 skeins of wool

23 dyeing          25 wool storage