Our Collections

We carry the freshest styles in modern and contemporary rugs, antique Persian and Oriental carpets and newly designed Nepalese and Tibetan rugs.

Our Transitional and Modern Rugs™ consists of six collections of Tibetan rugs and carpets that artfully blend antique masterpiece patterns with modern design themes as well as pioneer cutting edge contemporary designs to create original, hand-woven works of art for your floors.

Transitional and Modern Rugs™ category group of rugs provide the largest collection of handmade modern rug designs available and in stocked standard sizes in the country. All rugs in these collections are customizable for changes in colors, size and shape. Preview these fine collections, each with its own pattern theme and range of design. We update and our collection pages regularly. Visit often to see new patterns.

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Other collections include Antique Rugs Recreated™, Tropical Rugs and one of a kind antique rugs.

For traditional patterns go to our Antique Rugs Recreated™ category. There you’ll find collections with designs based on classic vintage and antique rugs. Some have been modified in color combination of the originals to enhance today’s living environments with updated colors.

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Our Quality

We offer only the highest quality handmade rugs. From contemporary originals with inspiring, up-to-date colors and cutting edge modern rug designs to elegant antique rugs and traditional collectables, each rug we carry is selected for its premium wool and fiber content and artisan-quality craftsmanship. From our collections of vintage and antique patterns in Antique Rugs Recreated™ to Tropical Rugs to our vast selection of contemporary and modern designs in Transitional and Modern Rugs™ we strive to bring you the best value at affordable prices.

When it comes to creating great rugs there are no substitutes for quality material and superior craftsmanship. Every rug in our collections of Transitional and Modern Rugs™ category are made of excellent fast dyes, the highest quality high altitude lanolin rich wool, best silk and other natural fibers found anywhere. Using the best wool and preparing them into yarns by centuries old techniques of hand carding and hand spinning allow us to provide not only great works of floor art but rugs that are easy to care for and maintain during use. The high concentration of natural lanolin in wool yarns of these rugs offers a natural sealant that resists stains and permits easy maintenance and clean up.

13 Tibetan wool          18 hand carding

19 hand spinning          20 skeins of wool

23 dyeing          25 wool storage


Custom Rug Projects

The craft, skill, and personal touch of a custom made rug will bring grace to any living space in an instant. We’ve been customizing rugs to match our customers’ personal styles for years. There are over 1600 standardized color samples to choose from. Hand knotted customized rugs are delivered in 12 weeks (up to 9 x 12 feet) and we can also accommodate irregular custom shapes and sizes up to 40 x 60 feet.

Custom area rugs are available in rich textures ranging form nomadic weaves with long, radiant, lustrous plush pile with supple handle, to dense, fine weaves suited for detailed and sophisticated patterns.

Images below are of some custom projects we have completed in the past. There is no limit to what you can do. Just bring your dreams and ideas.


We recently provided rugs for 3Palms Project, Bryan Cranston’s beach home in Southern California.  John Turturro of Turturro Design Studio, an architectural and interiors design firm selected several of our rugs for the project. One of the rugs, a custom made carpet for the living room was based on design #804 of our ModernArt Collection.

Custom Made Rug | Modern | Wool & Silk

Architecture and interiors by John Turturro, Turturro Design Studio. Photos by John Turturro.

   Feature section-3 palm project rugs

Slider-modified IMG_6800


Below is a custom color, size and pattern carpet based pattern #510 of our Legacy Collection. Our client wanted a custom rug to be installed in a large family room with shape customization around the service bar and fireplace. The carpet was handmade in the shape requested and not cut and joined. The multi sided top, bar and fireplace indents were woven while on the loom.

rendering 510 green  Invitation Custom

son 3862-cropped    Custom rug-Johnson



The nook near main entry hall of this home is transformed with a custom handmade rug to replace a broadloom carpet. The pattern, colors and shape have all been customized to fit the desires of our client for this space. Image after installation will be added.

johnson-entry-1   johnson-entry-4

  680-option 1-color indication    after alteration (3)



Stairway custom rugs are a challenge even when in straight format. For this stairway with its spiral and turning steps we took special care to customize and install this project in three sections.

Dol 2289 B - 2291 B Thamel Vanilla  Dol 2289 '

IMG_5288  IMG_5285